The English language doesn’t always have words that adequately capture the concepts which I distill and refine. With that in mind, I try to choose words with connotations that match each concept as closely as possible. Sometimes I get lucky. Other times, I choose the best word I can think of and later find a better one.

To avoid making new readers learn obsolete terms for the concepts, I will go back to old articles and update those terms. In order to avoid confusing or gaslighting people who have already read the article, I will document all such changes here and at the end of each article.

Format: *[X] in this article was updated from the old version on [date]. You can view the change in the Changelog.



  • Updated Explosion Element to “radicality mindset” from “emergency mindset” in Element Expansion Pack.
  • Updated the image for Aura Element in Element Expansion Pack because I’m looking to use the original image for a later Element, and the new one works better.



  • Updated the virtue for overcoming the Apocalypse of Pestilence (disaster) to “exposure” from “pioneering” in Averting the Apocalypses, and expanded its definition.


  • Updated descriptions of conservatism, authoritarianism, and liberalism in Apoliticalypses: Liabilities and the Political Compass. More details in the notes at the end of that article.
    • Removed a passing reference to “a peaceful kingdom” in the conservative utopia section to avoid confusion with authoritarianism.
    • Added a section describing a common manifestation of authoritarian utopias in fiction.
    • Changed the description and example of the liberal utopia to remove references to peace and social harmony, because while liberalism often attempts to solve problems of conflict, in doing so it invokes ways of dealing with conflict that overlap with libertarianism or authoritarianism. These archetypical examples need to be clear-cut and to illustrate the liabilities and approaches that define a political extreme. Real world situations will usually be more complex.



  • In the Abridged Dictionary, updated the attributes:
    • Updated the verb for resilience attribute from “striving” to “bracing”
    • Updated the name of mobility attribute to versatility attribute
    • Updated the definition of versatility attribute
    • Added a bit to the definition of intensity attribute
    • Updated the verb for industry attribute from “honing” to “hewing”
    • Updated the verb for determination attribute from “buckling” to “scraping”
    • Rearranged the attribute examples of concepts to be in the same order as the definitions (i.e. mindset, motivation, liability)
    • Added a table of contents
    • Adjusted capitalization of all headers
    • Moved the entry for augmented mindsets to the end of the Composite Mindsets section


  • In the Abridged Dictionary, updated the constructive virtues:
    • Updated the name of the virtue dealing with stagnation from “transcendence” to “transcension”
    • Added keywords for the virtues
    • Updated the verb for the motivation of idealization from “chasing” to “molding”
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