This blog exists for the purpose of helping people make sense of the world, so that they can overcome problems for themselves and others.  Ultimately, the goal is to create a self-sustaining, self-advancing society of enlightenment, and to transform the cultures of this world to be less confused and counterproductive to the general happiness, fulfillment, and personal development of people.

Once I wanted to solve all the world’s problems with science and technology, but the scientific and technological cutting edge is moving ahead fast, and taking the world with it.  Technology based on science is not our limiting factor.  Our limiting factor is technology based on philosophy, psychology, and culture.  That cutting edge may have moved in the past few centuries, but it hasn’t taken society with it.  It’s the Ginnungagap Foundation’s job to make that happen.  Everyone who wants to edit the destiny of this planet, you are welcome to participate in the plan; just let us know.

You can contact the author at paradigmsynchwebsite@gmail.com.

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